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Our Story

Dan & Vickys Story


Its the middle of the night, all is calm and suddenly I get my wife jabbing me in the side..."Dan, I think I'm going into labour!" So you know what you do, action stations to the hospital! You're driving so fast no pheasant is going to survive a thump down the A303! You're there and in a few hours you'll get to see your beautiful baby! 

Sadly what happened next was a very bumpy ride for our little bundle. He got stuck. He just loved being where he was, its comfy right? Eventually everyone said enoughs enough you gotta come out! And then I got to see Archer! Our wonderful little man! However things didn't go as planned for him.

He was sent to St. Michaels Hospital in Bristol and given the best possible care and love from the great staff at the Neo Natal Ward. It was a 90 minute drive each way to get to him however, something that we would've done of course but was going to be a difficult thing for us. Until Cots For Tots stepped in! You just don't know about these places until you need them, you really don't!

Cots For Tots is a charity that runs a house for families to call a home from home! A base, a lifeline where you can stay for as long as you need while your bundle is receiving treatment! Cots for Tots truly was a gift to us, a blessing that a charity so brilliant, was there for my wife Vicky and I.

And so, we want to return the favour! The Board Game Marathon is now an annual event with players from all over the country supporting this amazing cause. Fancy coming along?

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