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The 24 Hour Board Game Marathon 2024 FAQ’s (Last updated 01/03/2024)


Have a burning question for us? Want to know more details about our event? Here are our latest version of our FAQs to get the most of what we do! Have a question we haven’t answered? Feel free to contact us on our Contact Page and we’ll gladly get back to you quick!


So what is it?


Our event is The 24 Hour Board Game Marathon! A Charity Based & Family Friendly Board Gaming Convention in Somerset, United Kingdom


Does it really run for 24 straight hours?


YES! Our Event runs for 24 hours straight! And NEW to this year we also have an Early Access Pass! Come and Join us the night before!


When and where is it? 


Saturday August 3rd 2024 in the Shrubbery Hotel Ilminster Somerset at 9am until 9am Sunday. Early Access starts Friday 2nd 2024 at 6pm


Why do we do it?


To raise money for Cots for Bristol, the Neo Natal Intensive Care Baby Charity, we’ve raised over £23,000 so far in our Marathons




So how do tickets work this year?


Our Venu is a hotel!! Meaning our players can now stay the night before and sleep comfy knowing that all they’ve got to do to start their 24 Hour Board Game Marathon, is pop downstairs!


We understand that the cost of living currently is tough, that’s why our prices for the board game marathon have stayed the same. 


All Gaming passes to our event give you full access to our open gaming hall, our board game library, access to our tournaments which are free to enter (included within the price of a ticket), our live stream where you can be part of the audience or even on stream gaming with our hosts, our hotel bar, our Meeple Snack station plus much more! 


£6 – 6 Hour Gaming Pass 

£12 – 12 Hour Gaming Pass

£24 – 24 Hour Gaming Pass

£5 – Early Access Gaming Pass (Come and join us from 6pm the night before, Game all night and join in on our exclusive evening events, more details to follow)


Proceeds of our event tickets go to Cots For Tots


£90 – Twin or Double Hotel Room per night

Triple Rooms are available on request.


Proceeds from hotel rooms go to Cots For Tots


Hotel rooms are reserved exclusively for our event until the end of May 2024 – after this, tickets for the hotel rooms will no longer be available and will need to be purchased through The Shrubbery’s website.


Can I upgrade my ticket to a longer Game Pass time if I wish to stay longer than my current ticket time allows?


Yes you can! Just see the front desk and they’ll upgrade your ticket for the difference in money needed.


Can I buy tickets on the door? 


Yes you can! Or you can buy in advance on this website. Hotel Rooms are available on a first come first served basis and may not be available on the day. 


Can I come and see what it’s like first before I buy a ticket?


Yes you can! You may enter completely for free! If you wish to sample our delights first, feel free, then pop back to the front desk later for a ticket. Certain rooms may be unavailable without a ticket purchase. 


I’m coming along way, can I sleep or stay?


As above, The 24 Hour Board Game Marathon 202 is in a hotel! Hotel rooms are available for purchase on our website until the end of May 2024. Unfortunately due to the nature of our venue, sleeping cannot happen around the venue. 


I am unable to Drive but I want to come, how can I get to the venue? 


Please contact us and we may be able to arrange travel for you. Buses are available also from London to areas close to the venue. Ilminster is close to the A303 and M5.


What Tournaments are available?


We are in the early stages of our Tournament planning, please pop back for details soon our like and follow our Facebook Page. 


Do I need to pre-register for a tournament game?


Tournament signing usually goes up on our website a month or so before the event! Check our Facebook page for updates 


How Do I get Raffle Tickets?


If you’re attending the Marathon, you can purchase them on the day at £1 per ticket. If you’re not attending, get in touch with us, we can sort something out. 


If I Win a raffle prize and I am not at the venue?


Winnings can be posted out J Winners will be notified


What food options/facilities are at the venue?


The Shrubbery Hotel will be providing meals at Breakfast for Saturday and Sunday morning as well as hot meals at lunch and dinner time on Saturday, all at great prices


We will also have our Meeples Snack shack selling a variety of savoury and sweet treats, bottled water and energy drinks too to keep you gaming!


Do I need to bring any Board Games?


Our board game library this year has kindly been donated by The Board House Crewkern containing a lot of fresh releases and some classics but please do feel free to bring some along that you know you want to play. If you’d like to know what games will be in the library, we are hoping for an inventory before the day!


Are children welcome?


Absolutely! But they’re your responsibility. We will have volunteers demoing games just for children! When you arrive, see a member of staff for details 


Can I have details about your live stream? 


Our live stream goes live at exactly the same time as our doors open, 9am on Saturday. Our Live Steam Hosts are there for 24 hours providing gaming for people who want to take part but are unable to make it. Also, if you are there with us, why not join in? You can join our live stream as a player or even take part in the audience. 


I can’t make it sadly. Am I able to donate? 


Absolutely! Head to our front page, click on our Just Giving page here and pop a donation in, we thank you for everything you’re able to give us.

 Pre-Marathon Ts & Cs 7th March 2024

Our competition is available to all players and volunteers of The 24 Hour Board Game Marathon 2024 where exclusions apply to those informed. The winner of the competition will receive one new copy of Frostpunk and whichever other prizes given by the hosts at the time of the Live Recording. Entry to the competition is valid on the purchase of any marathon entrance ticket or donation of an amount equal to the minimum ticket entrance price to our Just Giving page. The 24 Hour Board Game Marathon reserve the right to remove the competition at any time if the organisers deem the competition to be incorrectly redeemed. 
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