Have a burning question for us? Want to know more details about our event? Here are our latest version of our FAQs to get the most of what we do! Have a question we haven’t answered? Feel free to drop us a comment below and we’ll gladly get back to you quick!

So what is it?


Our event is The 24 Hour Board Game Marathon!


Does it really run for 24 straight hours?

YES! Are we tired by the end of it? Maybe A little

When and where is it?

July 30th 2022 - The Edgar Hall - Somerton Somerset 9am to 9am

Why do we do it?

To raise money for Cots for Bristol, the Neo Natal Intensive Care Baby Charity, we’ve raised £11,000 so far in our previous years

How Much Are Tickets?

£6 for 6 Hours Gaming, £12 for 12 Hours Gaming and £24 for 24 Hours of NON STOP Gaming, all proceeds go to Cots for Tots

What Does My Ticket Get?

Tickets get you full access to our venue and its facilities which includes, Open Gaming, D&D, Games taught by our fabulous volunteer team, our raffle to win up to £1000 worth of games (raffle tickets available at £1 each on the day), our Meeples Kitchen, serving food all day and night, our tournaments – we have 4 running on the day, you can enter all 4 for the price of your ticket, full access to our Live Stream where you’ll either be in our audience or maybe even gaming with our hosts on camera!

Can I upgrade my ticket to a longer time if I wish to stay longer than my current ticket time allows?

Yes you can! Just see the front desk and they’ll upgrade your ticket for the difference in money needed.

Can I buy tickets on the door?

Yes you can! Or you can buy in advance on our website: the24hourboardgamemarathon.co.uk

Can I come and see what it’s like first before I buy a ticket?

Yes you can! You may enter completely for free! If you wish to sample our delights first, feel free, then pop back to the front desk later for a ticket.

I’m coming along way, can I sleep or stay?

It is not possible to sleep in the venue the night before the Marathon without authorisation from Marathon Staff, get in touch with us for more details. If 24 Hours become a little too much say 18 hours in, you may find a corner to sleep in, as long as it’s not on someone else’s game

The Marathon ends at 9am the Sunday Morning and we must be vacated from the venue by 1pm. If you wish to grab some shut eye in before then, crack on!

I am unable to Drive but I want to come, how can I get to the venue?

Castle Cary Train Station is a 20 minute drive from the venue, please contact us and we may be able to arrange travel for you. Buses are available also from London to areas close to the venue.

What Tournaments are available?

Blood Bowl, Magic The Gathering Commander, Hive, Klask and Crokinole – sign posts will guide you to the relevant area.

Do I need to pre-register for a tournament game?

You can either sign up on the day at the venue, or you can pre-register, just drop a comment at the bottom of any Marathon Post that you wish to sign up for.

How Do I get Raffle Tickets?

If you’re attending the Marathon, you and purchase them on the day at £1 per ticket. If you’re not attending, get in touch with us, we can sort something out.

If I Win a raffle prize and I am not at the venue?

Winnings can be posted out 

What food options/facilities are at the venue?

Our Meeples Kitchen will be serving hot and cold food and snacks through the marathon including veggie and vegan options. Our Bar will be serving Alcoholic Drinks from 2pm until Midnight. You may bring food from outside of the venue on site but strictly no other alcoholic beverages can be consuming unless bought at the venue.

Other food options around the Somerton town area are limited but there is a co-op near within a 5 minute drive.

Do I need to bring any Board Games?

We will have a small board game library there containing a lot of fresh releases and some older classics but please do feel free to bring some along that you know you want to play. If you’d like to know what games will be in the library, we can do a list, let us know if you’d like that.

Are children welcome?

Absolutely! But they’re your responsibility. We will volunteers who are demoing games just for children! When you arrive, people come and enquire.